No SR cans this tourney?


We usually get an SR can for finishing the first milestone in SR. It has not been present this time, and I really hope that’s not a sign of things to come. Can I get a show of support here community?


Yep, I’ve decided not bother in this one even though I really need the nuggets. No can… No point. This game is getting way too expensive to even be slightly interested in staying competitive.


There wasn’t one in the last SR Tournament either that’s why I only used the free energy. Then I noticed this tournament didn’t have one either.


Bronze, Silver, Gold, Elite, Legendary

There are 5 tiers with 25 levels each. That’s 125 individual stages.

You start with 8 energy to hit them and get 1 energy every 15 minutes.
It’ll take 29.25 hours to get all the energy needed to complete all of the SR levels. This is under the assumption you log on every 2 hours (at maximum) to get your attacks in and you don’t fail a single attack.

Personally, I like this. This tournament is running long enough that there are people that can pull this off without buying any cans. It’s better than the others where you would need to use cans to get the milestone rewards.