No sr cans for sale


There is currently 3 hours left in the SR tournament yet there are no SR can deals and no way to buy cans (at least for myself). Sucks, was going to buy some to finish and get those legendary rewards. Makes no sense. @kalishane


You got to buy them early. They always take the deals away towards the end of an event. They know if you are desperate you will pay full price. This is just smart business. In the world of retail when the product doesn’t move and they want to get rid of it they mark it down but when there is demand they charge full MSRP and in this case its 200 coins, please. Good luck.


Can even buy them at 200 coins. Not an option. A deal just came up thought for actual money and not coins.


Sweet. Always nice to catch a break.


Surge pricing.

It’s real.

But the 200 coin refill is always available - it’s not under the general tab though. It’s where you can buy bloody shirts for 1000 coins.


Good to know. Thanks.


in reality you dont buy cans, you just refill when you’re at 0/8 for 200coins