No six star wars challenge

This will be a long shot of a request to make work but I would like to believe this community can make it work.

Personally and truthfully I would say depo all your six stars and scopely can suck your “meta” and “mods” from the back!

But I know people won’t do that so instead put your six stars in territories and in some b.s. scavenger camp missions just as a holding cell during war, lets go dull on five star wars just like it should had been for a few months before six stars came into the game.

Get your region on board thru line or whatever.

Btw scopely could always create this too so all the wasted time and money on five stars have a real purpose again.


I’d rather win 1st and not get kicked from my faction so ima respect FULLY paSs on this

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Understandable I totally wouldn’t want to miss out on those sweet rewards this weekend has to offer.

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You dont have to coin to win lol.

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What’s a six srar?

Hell I want four star war I love zach and estella

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Though the concept is nice, it will be difficult to enforce.

There is no way to check which team the opposing player used in war.
Unless there is a in-game way to restrict to only 5*s or some way to make this enforceable, I fear human nature will take over.

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Agreed, this is something scopely should test and do perhaps put a rarity cap.

Are we forgetting that the balance sucked when five stars were the top dogs? The number one factions would just run all Priyas and konrads and kick everyone’s asses. If you want any semblance of balance, you’d have to go down to 4 stars, where the toons are a bit more even with one another.

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Then what?

What is this foolish advice from a retired player?

Idk I assume with no six stars you can then use those useless five stars again, bring back the excitement of building teams again that’s not the same as everyone else.

I love the game and I mainly retired because of life. Its nothing for me start a new region and play again. Lastly idk what that has to do with the forum there is plenty of retired players that still comment on the forums, there is no TOS or hidden code saying that people who quit the game should also quit the forums as well.

It’s getting a little better as they release more but man was I sick of carl and mira teams…and now Vincent and Erika teams

I agree in the core of the opinion but cannot see how this would work outside of roadmaps and such.
Its not forbidden to hang around here i guess, neither was it my point…

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Well it was only for war any way nothing else. I felt like six stars came on time but at a time where it was too early for me as far as how things would had been if we had a few wars of just five star teams in CRW would had been very fun imo but I kinda get the timing for six stars at the same time when CRW was first getting its wings so everyone was in some sort of level Plain field in a sense.

Sorry for the paragraph about retirement I choose to give a general statement about retired players since you were the next person to make a comment about my retirement. Although I still don’t get your original point still in any case, felt like a personally step to my personal but I do apologize for laying it on thick if you meant no shade by it.

Thats the problem its only little by little, if we were getting rewarded different characters of ascendables in wars, raids, SR, and level ups we could had been in a much better place instead its all locked behind promos.

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