No S class roadmap or Gold Brick s class

Me too! Dammit!

170 for me! Those goddamn assholes!

Im 230 away from Pete, i have enough torches to run the map that doesnt seem to be up…no comms on removing anything as per usual.

I just need to run it was last time ha figures

@TayTron @JB.Scopely what’s up? Surely to god you all didn’t take the roadmap to the collection that’s running with 200+ days left? What’s going on?

Anyone’s show up yet?

Gold did. S class still gone.

Because of the opportunists who took the coins from the glitch and immediately spent them from the “Halloween Gate” scopley is now punishing everyone by taking away the s-class collectible roadmap for the next week or 2, lol, j/k, I have no idea! Another scopley glitch maybe!

I swear scopely…

They can be like we’re sending you a free 1k war coins than people get em and than people lose the toon they pulled because they exploited it (They didn’t tho and just did a free pull)

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Maybe they are adding another S class item. Aarav is about do :grimacing:

While there is no issue with that, the problem is a simple pinned post. 11/10 we will be upgrading roadmap & it will return on 11/11…

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Only brick maps back for me, still no a class map.

Yeah my blue keys map is missing also. Wish these dummies knew what they were doing over there at Dumpster Fire Central.

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The buckets are empty, so no need to do anymore roadmaps.

I’ve had something similar happen to me where the ofeer for 5 gold brick for free does not appear I wait for hours and it doesn’t come up fix your game I have missed out on 50 -60 gold brick because of this

S class collectibles roadmap missing.
We get torches as rewards for events. What are we suppose to do with them now?
@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely


Have a Survivor torch ceremony lol


Enough torches to do the full S Class map, and only 300 away from Pete.

wtf Scopes?

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Either you didn’t run the road map or you missed those 50 - 60 gold bars certainly because you forgot to claim them. The gold bars appeared all the time in offers, if not then the next day they were to find there + additional gold bars if they didn’t appear as happened in the past few days when we got extra gold bars for one day.

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Hello everyone,

Thanks for your reports about the missing S-Class Roadmap. I have made the team aware of the issue and they will take a look at it.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.