No rocket Abe = no towers?


So what do you do if you dont have rocket Abe? You dont win wars. Most strong teams take OP tower and crush you in minutes.

Any tower teams suggestions that are not based on this toon?

Quickest way to take towers in war?

Lol, two jokes, same post


Next best thing is Bleed Gov with his rush maxed.


this is basically what I use. Mich gets a 4 hit every other attack and I can usually compete with rocket abes. Still 2/3 times they will win with abe


Same hardly lose :sunglasses:


I don’t have rocket abe and get towers about 80% of the time. I have blue gov and don’t use him either.


I don’t have rocket abe and win almost 95 percent of towers. Against own faction mates who have multiple Abe’s.


Again. Not true. My faction mates all have numerous rocket Abe’s. I’m faster.


They are running it wrong :wink:


I use my main ranged attack team and 90% of the time I take the towers.


I go up against pretty good factions in CRW who I know have rocket Abe’s and they aren’t faster at taking strongholds than me, and I don’t have rocket Abe.


All about that WiFi bruh


Everyone complaining about not getting towers yet have McDonalds wifi lol


Naw they got it wrong. Need that Verizon network or go and use your hospital Wi-Fi.


Lol. Maybe. I like my team though. Out a lot of effort into it :slight_smile:


Er… I have.


I used to use that. The AP gain animation slows Michonne down. You’ll get faster results from swapping her with another 3-4 hit rush



More like 36, that’s slow bruh


I can’t take a tower but I can attack 8 camps in 2 minutes so I’m ok with it