No road map today?

Dudes, I need trainers( Or to at least farm fodder)to get torches for roadmaps to get cones for priya. I’m at the last milestone with torches. Come on. Is there going to be one today? And with no events going atm this sucks. There’s nothing to do once you do raids,arena and terrs and SR. I’m too close to priya. Come on!!! I’ll check back later! Its been a long time since I saw roadmaps look so desolate!

And yeah I know I need to be more worried about where I am in league but we’ve had a crazy week in the emergency room. Holidays bring out the craziest ppl. And I haven’t had time. Lol.

Scroll in lol

still notta

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Yeah that’s exactly how I felt. Lol

@GR.Scopely @TayTron @JB.Scopely

Can someone hook us up?

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For real. Which level up is Over now so I just would like to have something to do.

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Sr every two hours not enough? Lol

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Nah auto that. Lol

Is it the food again? It was only up for a few hours last week then went MIA. I don’t think we got a response in any of the topics about it. Swept under the rug

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I’m not sure. Nothing was there when I logged on. But could be. They need to resolve this.

Yup, food map… at least last week it appeared though.

It’s a decent map to run through for food and survivors, not game breaking but something to do while waiting for the nightly refresh of s class gold bar maps.

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I only do the food roadmap if i have nothing else and only the last act and save those 500k bags, i need the gloves and shirts rm bad tho! Hope scopely intern remembers to push it tomarrow

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Support saying make sure your device has a stronger internet correction and wait 15 to 20 minutes. Bunch of crap. Then why did I get the gold and S Class maps later on that day. I don’t think they know it is a problem. Had this problem twice already this month.

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Its just an excuse, putting the blame on the player and not scopely. I have fiber and live like 40 min drive from scopely HQ so idk how i can get a stronger connection besides plugging into the server itself lol


Also if its a internet connection , is it everyone’s connection? A lot of ppl are going through this at the same time on the same days. Always food map or something. But its the internet connection…:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Yea just like how everyone crashes on territories but it is our phone make/model :roll_eyes: yea ok scopely :roll_eyes: smmfh! Oh and scav camps cant be fixed/update cause the old devs are gone :man_facepalming:

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That was 2 weeks ago. Last week it didn’t show up at all.

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I stand corrected.

Any explanation or reason given?