No rewards yet?- update resolved!


Anyone else not got their war reward yet? The winning banner popped up with war results…but didn’t get tokens or crates!?


Restart your game


Unfortunately I had tried that with no luck


Which device are you on and what version of the game do you have downloaded?

I would just triple check your roster again and let CS know asap. Is this happening to anyone else in your faction? If no luck then I can try to help you through PM.



Did you register a score? If you scored 0 your getting 0


As long as you are part of a faction and if you didn’t score any points at all you still get rewarded. I still see some people not contributing at all but still getting rewarded. I wish it was like that though, if you score 0 you get 0. Also some people leaving their factions before rewards are delivered and then they don’t get their rewards, that is silly.

Wow, that must be new. I am glad it is that way then. Some people try to piggyback on factions and don’t really contribute much. Like 548 points or 1-2k points over 2 day war.


Mm not really true. U have to make minimum points to get the placement rewards.

If u score 0 you get 0. (Besides maybe the participation rewards, ex. a trainer and a grenade. )


We ranked 19 in Ben Hill. iPad, version 8.0.1 I will contact support.


Sweet baby Jesus, they just showed up!!!


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keep the insults to yourself please. and i was not trying to contradict you, i just never knew that and it must be new because i dont remember it being like that before. is today going to be another day of you following me around on threads and targeting me with insults? i honestly want all this childish back and forth to come to an end and if you have any problems with me then take it to PM like leaders and CMs have been asking you to. you dont need an audience, you can deal with me in PM if you want to be reasonable.


If you don’t know something then why comment? It has always been like that.


Closing this thread because it has been resolved. Furthermore, it sounds like you both have things to sort out through personal channels and it does not need to be public. Thanks!

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