No rewards from survival club

I am a league survivors club member and i have not recieved my benedicts x 10, nor the new week trainers? Plz advise

There are tons of people reporting this and so far nor any explanation or compensation. …I’d go to support show proof ur not on a trial period of sc and have them log it now. In the event that scopely does the right thing and gives them to people who haven’t received them


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If u canceled ur subscription u wont be getting the rewards even though u still are are a member technically …i learned this the hard way.

Typical scopley remind me to never get this survival club again

What is the point in getting survival club then if i cant get the rewards that are shown, it states no trail nothing bout cancelling subscription. So how the hell do i active my subscription so i can get what i am actually paying for. Way to con your customers scopely. Omg u guys are crazy crazy crazy

How bout paying out those reward for this time and adding to your shitlist that if you cancel your subscription with a free trail u wil not get rewards . Talk about false fake advertisement. Scopely strikes again.

Complain to whoever you paid for the subscription through.

Hate to say this @Semperfi22 but I have had exactly the same problem. Made quite a novella of a post on it earlier too.

Basically, I have been told that because now the offer has finished and I “failed to claim the offer” then The Benedicts can’t be sent to me. This is crap because another guy got them inboxed to him. Also how can you claim it when it doesn’t appear?!?

In any case I’ve had enough and cancelled my subscription. Support just continually run me in loops and never give a clear answer despite me sending them proof of purchase receipts and everything. A really disappointing situation,

Time to fodder that Andrea shield…

Hope you have better luck than me.

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We need more of u on here this FFFFFFFING BS. i am not gona stop i am gona carry on till i get what i paid for other we get ppl to boycott the survival club completely. I am a monthly subscriber wtf is wrong with that u still get your money scopley MFERS!!!

Just like in real life, some support agents are better than others. Keep opening tickets until they get credited to you.

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So these scopely MOTHERFCUKERS wane tell me i cant get rewards and i am a member? That is like signing up at a gym u go there and they tell u, u cant use the FFFFFFFING GYM equipment u can only swim. Fc id cancel that mFer immediately. FU SCOPLEY I AM STILL A MEMBER I SHOULD GET MY REWARDS U BITCHES!!!

Don’t worry, they will recompensate you with 3 tear gas viles, a grenade, and 5k food.

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If u cancelled membership u wont get the rewards.

It shouldn’t make any difference if subscription was cancelled (providing you haven’t gone past the end date you’ve paid for) If you are within the months subscription, you are a member (even if there is no intention to be a member next month). This is further scopely bullshit and also false advertising, the only caveat was that you could not be a trial member.

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U hit the hammer on scopely’s dumb FFFFFFING head. Exactly what i am saying its regardless i am a member. How can i not FFFFFING QUALIFY. what sort of a bullshit membership makes u not get what u paid for. Its FFFFFING BS

So I’m confused your not a member or you are? Are you stating your currently a member but canceled it for the following month?

I state very clearly that i am member. Currently
There was nothing said bout having to keep your membership not that it should matter. I paid for the month.

No shit a 'nade!!!???!! Helly valuable offer right there!