No rewards after faction assault



No one in faction got reward markers/bag after playing FA T6. We finished it half hour before CRW ended (hour and a half ago)…

Region: Albert
Faction: Flying goats

And remove leagues from territories… its obviusly destroyed whole that part of a game…

Missing fa rewards

My faction hasn’t received anything either, it’s been more than 24 hours, I’ve kinda been ignored.

Region: Escambia
Faction: Resistance


Given this is the second or third thread on it, has anyone done an FA since the recent update and actually got rewards? We’re lining up one tonight and it sounds like we should hold off


My factions been going on over a day without fa rewards


We did it after the update. Any help @JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely


Exactly the same thing happened to my faction - everyone got the markers for individual stages but no Negan bag, A lot of people emailed support but got a reply to wait for 24hrs - even though the original message stated that we had waited for over 24 hours OR the reply was that they could see that the rewards got distrubuted and we received the bag. @JB.Scopely can you check please as CS is maintaining their “useless as always” standard



Thanks for reporting this, I’ll investigate now.

Support should also be able to credit you the missing rewards.


JB saves another day :+1:


the problem here is that CS replied that they could see the rewards were already distributed so in their opinion nothing is missing


Just got information that one of my members received rewards right after FA ended. So looks like some(one?) in faction gets it but not all.
I wrote before that we finished FA half hour before CRW ended but from member that got reward said it was finished 9h earlier but i got notification half hour before crw ended.
Maybe is connected with the bug, idk. Was offline when FA was finished apparantly…


i was online and was one of the members doing the last hits. i got the notification that we defeated tier 6 almost instantly and the markers were in my inbox, just no bag


Got the notification also. We have deffeated Tier6 Negan. When I went to my inbox, there were no markers and no bag. Some fellow fac members, in Illuminaighty, Habersham, have recieved them.
What shall we do. Pls pm on game or answer here. Thank you JB.


Same here.
Outcasts, Escambia members haven’t received their rewards yet and t has been three days.
Any luck with anything?


Same with my faction. Mitchell, The Core.

However in our case 1 member received the rewards, he had top score.


My faction is waiting for rewards aswell. Finished earlier today.


Im still wait to my faction assault rewards.


@JB.Scopely my team did a t2 fa this morning to use our tickets before we transfer. It’s been 6 hours since completion and no reward. Please help. We are planning on transferring Monday.


@Shawn.Scopely @JB.Scopely

Región: Turner
Facción: Berseker’s


Message support. Despite my frequent assertions to the contrary, they have helped a couple of faction members receive missing rewards from FA


Thanks seen so many bad reports about cs