No reward or 220000 solo trophies

Hello, i didn’t get 3600 tokens for completing 220000 solo trophies mark. I just need 3500 tokens to buy Leon, tried very hard to complete that mark yesterday=(. Please help

Post screenshots of your total trophies on your profile, and again on the milestones screen

There was a bug where the milestones screen showed your trophies less than you actually had, making people think they were close to a milestone that they had actually already got. Profile screen shows the true amount.

Although I believed this was fixed so would be surprised to see it back…

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thanks!!! 219658=))))

Are you meaning the solo trophies you need to complete individual 1 time missions, in the missions tab? The missions that award you league trophies for toons for example (like reach x league, acquire x solo trophies)? No solo trophies that I’ve gained as a lump sum prize for winning or placing high in tournies has ever contributed to advancement of those missions, I contacted support and they said that it wasn’t supposed to.

(Which is a bit ridiculous imo)

Edit: Never mind - just figured out what you meant from your screenshots below.

So you are actually on 219,658 and the milestones screen is probably wrong.

Score that final 342 trophies and you should get the reward.

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