No reward for candle event



For the candle event, I had nearly 5000 score and I only received 30 year 3 tokens, but a lot of my faction mates said I should have gotten ascendable Garett. Was that a mishap or did I get the right reward?


5000 i blive is a elite char token
7000 is 5 star garret and 8000 is legend
but theres been a bug where some people do not get their awards


False, I believe it’s 4,999 candles for Garrett. But wait 'til this guy gets whatever reward and we’ll see.


I thought 4000 for the 5* and 8k for 6*. In any event, there are numerous threads on the forums, it’s widespread, Scopely is aware (if you go to support/faq there’s an acknowledgement), and we have no idea what they’re doing or when everyone will get the rewards.


I had not even 4.5k candles and got ascendable Garrett.


I got 8560 and still waiting on rewards


4000 is 5 star garret. and 8000 is six star garret. I haven’t received mine yet


for some reason mine said 8000 legend garret
7000 5 star acendable
4000 is the red shield garret


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