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So why is it I can’t get any response to issues such as bugs or the Lydia stash issue which is now resolved, yet when I create a post asking where the cms are it can be removed quickly? Isn’t this forum supposed to be for discussing issues? I miss the days of devs responding and some issues being fixed… Odds the league missions will be fixed for season 4? Crw reward structure changing? Adding a damn slider for buying food from gear Depot? Login events coming for more than 1 week in 2019?


That’s how Mafia works.


It’s a sheesh show :wink:

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I guess that anything that goes against making absolute profit is verbotten.

It’s already biting them in the behind, there getting desperate with me offers flying everywhere since I went stuff the Rng I’m F2P

image yes only 100 trophies… Also notice the “PT 1” next to those missions.


You mist be playing a different game I would get 3,000 and 6,000 points

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They dont respond to anything and only make changes that effect players negatively, everyone wonders why even new regions go dead within a couple months but most are unwilling to accept facts,…leagues killed territories, crw killed wars, collections are killing solo events and censorship is killing chat…its as if scopely wants people to quit playing this game, and where tf are the laundry sales, we need shirts n gloves man and btw scopely…nobodies paying $5 for 10 sparkplugs when it takes 12 to do one stage and nobodies paying 350 coins to do an s9++ road map…i swear these morons are just aiming to have the worst mobile gaming experience in the history of gaming



Point is its no fun anymore for anyone but top players and top facs, this solo event collection bs is absolutely killing thus game, who wants to do 2 weeks of solo events to come up short on collection items and get literally nothing for 2 weeks of effort, how many people per region even get a toon, maybe 15 or 20…its gettin pathetic really, nobody wants to play a game they can’t enjoy and scopelys taking all the fun and excitement out of it…they put newer regions in crw with 3 year old regions ffs, any new region should have at least 6 months, maybe a year of aow and blitz wars only…ya put all these things together and there’s no reason for anyone but top players and top facs to stick around and even they are all quitting lol, time for a new gameplan before they have to shut thecsame down completely

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F2P, rank 45-ish faction in CRW. CRW is infinitely better than AOW. Rewards are less but 60% of matches we can win or at least challenge.

I’ve seen better prize structures for level up, but it’s simple really, if you don’t want the toon, don’t try. Save it, I’m sure you won’t drown in the vast excesses of gear. If you’re putting in 2 weeks of ‘effort’ for nothing, then you’ve planned it wrong.

I’m still enjoying it, there’s issues but not the ones you focused on.

Unfortunately for that “don’t try” mentality everyone needs milestone rewards and everyone that doesn’t get a toon from these bs collections is putting in 2 weeks of solo events for only milestone rewards so youve got about 15-20 people getting rewards and 2000 getting only milestone rewards…it makes no sense, everyone should be getting something useful for event rewards and collection items as rewards is useless to 98%of players period

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I only put up 500k and once a week 1.25m. I don’t try for Top 10s and only usually try for 1st about 3 times a year lol. As I’ve said, there should be a 4th smaller collection for medals or whatever. Like the war stashes. It’s one small improvement off being a fairly decent system

It’s a failing business model rn is what it is, are they trying to make a quick buck then shut the shit down or do they want it to continue bringing in money, the current model is forcing people to quit cuz they’re gettin nothing for the effort they’re putting in, if they want to keep the game going and keep making money off it then they gotta make sure it’s enjoyable enough to keep people playing and PAYING and thats where they’re failing rn…the current system clearly isn’t working as the player volume is dropping heavily in every region

Game has its ups and downs for sure. Currently in a down swing.
I also wish we got more communication from the cm’s of scopely, from iugo…
Always hopeful though that things will improve

Why are we still getting bronze and silver radios as rewards if the roadmaps aren’t even showing up?

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It’s part one so there’s multiple missions

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