No response from scopely



I purchased a limited time offer on my main account…it did not come through then i logged in on my ipad and it defaulted me to a region i do not use and have not visited in months and deposited the offer into that acount when i never purchased it from that one and cant use it there. I have tried to contact scopley with no success both in game and via email. I want my purchase in the account i purchased it in or my money back how canni contact them are there other alternatives?



Sorry to hear about the issue with the limited offer.

You can reach out game support directly from within the game, and also through our web portal.

My understanding is that you did so already and are pending on an answer.

Please note that our usual wait time is up to 24 hours, with a few additional delays observed this week, due to a large number of player requests to be handled.

You should receive an appropriate answer and assistance shortly. Thanks for your patience.


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