No regions to chose new game

I want to start new progress on other region, on region where my friends at.

But game dont let me to see other regions im located up on this one.

Im old player and i dont need "beginners " protect or something like that.

Please solve this for me. Im w8 2 months for regions to appear

I’m getting deja vu. Didn’t you already start a thread like this a couple of days ago? Nobody on this forum can “solve this”. The only people who might be able to is support. You should be able to open a ticket with them in game. Pretty sure someone suggested that last time.

Did you not take my advice?

Why I cannot pick or change regions You’re right! :joy:

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Yes, i already posted this, and nobody gives a s…

I want to try it, but i dont see “beta” regions!!

I suggest you ignore all the advice here. Then post a new thread asking the same thing in 3 days time.

That might work.

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No one on here can solve this for you, it’s mostly just player who can give advice or explain how things work.

Beta testing for the new update hasn’t started yet but should very shortly so it’s worth trying Tyber’s suggestion when that happens if you are not on iOS.

But you can also contact support and ask them politely to grant you a one time move. They do not have to and rarely ever do from my understanding, but they might feel inclined if you are polite and plead your case.

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