No reflection of damage on early Sr stages


Is it me or they fixed it? Gj actually


Highly doubt that looks like the random stage generator gave us a break for a change. I’ll take it.


Thank god


I’m sure it’ll be back.

Still says there are reflect damage levels but only for human levels with parting shot.

Not sure why they can’t get that one right, but never mind.


ive never been effected by reflect from a human with parting shot that i kill 1 hit parting shot activates @CombatDevIl


I got couple of times Mirabelle getting killed by reflect dmg from a green Negan


did you kill said negan one hit i ment parting shot overides reflect on kill shot, it seems


Reflect is not guaranteed to activate, but parting shot is guaranteed though, which is why it may look like parting is overriding reflect. Reflect just didn’t activate that time.


understandable, odd that its never happen though, or at least the words" reflect damage" havent shown…well since reflect got beefed up…thats when i started watching…thought it was a bug with parting shot


Reflections never been huge in the 24 hour or less Sr event. This was 24 hours or longer you would surely that there would be more reflection


still lots, just not when i kill parting shot human with single hit…if i hit twice, there good chance of reflect, but ive never got reflect damage on 1 hit kills of parting shot toons


Yeah I’ve been killed bi parting shots and rushing a reflection


ive never got reflection on a rush either…hmm…


In the beginning when I used to not pay attention and do auto I would watch my characters like Barker when he would rush kill a reflection enemy he would instantly die


im talking about when i kill a reflect toon( human) with rush in a single blow ive never had reflect trigger since i started watching for it, or if he reflect toon has parting shot i havent received reflect damage from it…not saying its not possible or that it hasnt happend just havent since i started manually fighting reflects…


Reflect doesn’t activate on rush except for Dwight…


Gosh I’ve had a few yellows go down I will have to pay attention or try it again after I finish legendary next time. And I remember pretty much the time that I took when it happened because what I noticed was the damage of the blades was like 6000 points and when the reflection came back it was more damage than my body


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