No progression - why we care

The game in my opinion, seems to have come to a complete stand still. I have come to the point where i log on… Do survival road so i can buy the daily crate and get the 5 whole medals so that i can eventually
ascend one of the adcendable toons rotting away in my roster, and leveling up 5* that i wont use so i can hopefully reach the watch radio bag or if im really lucky the one piece of ter 4 gear.

Other then that i farm a bit use Farming tokens and maybe fail another weapon craft.

There has been no progression to the world maps, the town, the token structure, the supply depot, or the event prizes since the new meta was introduced. the daily gear maps is just a bottleneck for the 6 items needed for upgrades.

Everything has really became outdated, the whole game play at this point doesnt fit the new meta that that was so oviously introduced into the game too quickly.

There are so many players that are oviously very passionate about this game and have put so much time and money into it. We were disheartened about the 6* buff which made majority of the rosters obsolete. . But we hung in there… before that, there was 2 months of no war… and we hung in there. We even stuck with it after Alberts letter and the promises of exciting changes to come.

This game is important to a lot of people and we want to hang in there, but it feels like we are still getting no where, and this is the reasons the forum and posts have become more toxic then ever.

@kalishane You definitely cant make everyone happy, and there will always be negative comments on things, but the majority of us were really hoping for more from you as the community manager, we need you to be that bridge for us.

All we want to know is an outline of what changes we can expect to see with an estimated potential release date, responses back on issues or suggestions that are not practical or not going to happen, and to know that you are truly taking it to the team.

Leave the excuses out. Dont tell us we are behind or that staff is changing, be short and sweet with answers. “Sorry this was planned, however given to internal actions beyone my means this cant be done at this time. We will plan on releasing this at another time, i will keep you posted”… but please keep us posted, dont wait for someone to write a thread about it. We really want you to take charge and be proactive, not reactive. I think if you approach these bad times this way, you will see more of us trying to support you rather then attack you.


I gave up on that. Having to do a brand new team set up, every stage, is so aggravating I simply can’t do it anymore. I don’t care if it’s 10 duct tapes, I’m done with that horrible interface.

I only farm roadmaps because I can use a preset team.

I have retired from jumping through scopely hoops over and over of bad UX bad UI. I’m only here to do war for my faction and put in my share of the effort.

I used to grind and Sccopely didn’t reward me so no more.


I hate survival road too but i need the markers for the 5 legendary tokens now…


Agreed survival road is a tedious grind I stopped doing it a while ago as well. Only do it when I am running low on markers for the stupid crate or there is a kit and/or tape on it.

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