No premiere wheel?

Not sure if this is a regular occurrence, but in Edgefield we don’t have a premiere wheel…is that supposed to be like that?

More than likely so, been ton of weird shit going on with that region

Not for you!! :joy:

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It’s up in all of the other new regions (Cullman, Dekalb, McDuffie). Sorry, you guys are just Scopely’s lab rat region.

I poked Live Ops. This should be fixed soon (If it hasn’t been already).

Has anything been done right in Edgefield? Lol genuinely curious, I’ve seen the bags offered, no roadmaps and other issues that all seem to only be in Edgefield region. I feel bad for you guys.


So they fixed the premier wheel but haven’t fixed the fact we don’t get daily roadmaps, all prize bags are “mystery bags” of vials and replenish and bloody shirts. They even went in and removed the hackers. How have you not been able to remedy these problems yet, the region is now a few weeks old @Shawn.Scopely

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Edgefield is like the fucking Twilight Zone - hackers running wild, disappearing wheels/offers, no daily roadmaps, SR resetting 5h earlier than other regions, random elite char tokens… I started an account there just to take part in the experiment!



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We’re still missing the daily roadmaps in Edgefield (XP, GearHunt, Workshop…), maybe someone could also look for this, even if it doesn’t bring you money money money like the premiere wheel😊

I asked them generally about events on Edgefield and they said everything should be resolved. I’ll jump onto the realm today and take a look.


Still no daily rdmap how hard can it be to put it up. 4 weeks now!!!

See how quick you get replies from dev’s when their $$ machine isn’t working though!

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And, how was your trip to Edgefield?
Seems like…not really successful, hm!?

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Yep, where’s my gear map :frowning:

To be fair your region has issues so I’m not sure if this information helps

Nah … Gear map is there… but the daily roadmaps are missing since 4 weeks

Yeah… hal needs gearmap scopely… saw his Camp burning this morning :wink:

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Lol I remember not seeing your camp after 5 hits Venga :wink: