No possible way to hit 100k milestones without a good amount of cans


How can we have fun with these slow ass search times? At this rate, not everyone will hit all milestones in All Out Bore. Very unmotivated to play this weekend because of it. Just sitting there wasting phone battery every time. Scopley fix this. Also without cans, there’s no way to hit all milestones unless you’re waring all day and all night. Lol


Endure and survive my friend


You’re right…


Don’t forget they have limited matches to 6 X 6, like blitz, but we still have to suffer 6 minutes waiting once matched. Yeah With so many forced to sit on the sidelines instead of being able to war un full capacity. I doubt all of us will make milestones.

Yeah you called it

The all new, 100% Scopely approved, and designed



With this change, they should’ve lowered the milestones, just sayin’


Please dont tell them to fix anything. Everytime they try to fix 1 thing 20 others get fubared. Take the road i did and stop spending, they take notice when that happens.


In mcintosh we have at least 20 min search times, 6min wait to start then normally full length wars. Why would someone wait around their phone for 2 hours just to get into the next war? 8v8 on weekends is a much better format for active factions(ie paying players). Spending stop for this war, no reason to let them profit of misery in a game that is suppose to be fun.


Factions are less active cause prizes are crap, no one is gona waste time. That affects matchmaking.


I’m actually almost to 100k now because of cans. I just want the trainers and I’m free for the rest of the weekend.


P. S

It’s very hard to motivate members to War :cry:


I just said paying because if you pay2play you generally have more motivation to wait around. I’ve tapered my spending drastically since 6*'s, have a decent set of 7 to make teams from and a co-lead in my faction. I’m generally one of the top scorers and defending general in most wars(in my faction) i’m in/war as a whole. We’re 6thish in a better region, most are f2p and we’re cool with it, but this is slowing drive of everyone to actively play:( It’s truly a downer:(


Cans dropping for me too

4 of my faction are over 100k… And many others from other factions are

6v6 is faster so more wars


I’ve gotten can drops too, haven’t spent one but i’m up 6 total from start. I haven’t been around to war much this weekend and when i can pop into one, were full and then dont have time to wait the war out to get into another though.


Not true. Search times are still shit where I am. Lol


Same :frowning:
Going to go play fortnite on my laptop. Can probably have a round done before we even get matched.


Completely agree. We fill the team faster, search times are signifcantly lower, we get to war more often. A short search in the last two wars was over an hour. This time a long search is about 10 minutes. Definitely much, much beter.


I hit 100k about 10 minutes ago :confused:


Just hit my 100k. Guess it’s only possible with cans. Lol.


I’m at 50k now. I haven’t used but a few cause for a pride war but our faction is taking this weekend off due to crap prizes.


Thank you very much for your report, we thank you and we hope you understand that we will not be able to resolve this in this event.

keep surviving