No one is truly F2P

Here’s something, all players who say that they’re F2P probably had at least 1 payment in the past. I mean it’s impossible to actually make progress with the game if you don’t pay. There two types of players in this game, Freemnium, and P2P, the true F2P here would probably be less than lvl 50, 60 if i’m generous. Scopely makes money at every possible progress. That’s drastically changed with today’s new progress against Scopely but new players won’t get past the F2P gap but at least pay a good $10 for that much needed progress.


I was a true f2p, never spent a penny… Used the brain and grinded for 4years.

Buy you’re right, they’ve amped up the difficulty so that you can’t ‘compete’ without spending. It’s not really a game anymore, it’s a business plan. Black mirror had a great episode on it.(s1e2)

So quit a month ago… and had a lot more enjoyment on actual strategy based board games. Many free websites out there that host. (Tabletopia, board game arena, etc) most have cheap apps to boot.

Break free!


I’m 100% F2P. I just saved up my coins and got useful characters like Kyle. Especially now that many of the S-class characters are obtainable for free overtime helps.

My roster is at a good point of the game where I can hit the last milestone in war and just relax after that.


F2P here *Flashes F2P pass*

I declare this thread wrong


I recognize myself as f2p
Never spent a penny on the game, just used some gift cards that i couldn’t use anywhere else

I’ve spent like $90 pre sclass but have gotten nothing useful for it. The roster I have build for my acc is f2p

I’ve spent 5 - the game basically demands one payment I agree - else if you lose your account you can’t recover it without a receipt. Even off free to play they do make some from people watching ads for coins or doing game offers. There are definitely some completely free to play in the game, but if they don’t do coin offers every now and then it is a complete uphill struggle imo


FTP exists people think that everything is about WOC and super whale factions but being ftp and being in a mid tier faction is possible, even more on wave 3


My faction mate is a true F2P. Literally never spent a cent and had an invite to WOC. He’s level 160 so I’m not sure how you arrived at a max level 60.

I’m not even sure of the point of this thread actually, other than to show what kind of bubble you’re in.


sorry to say but if you had brain you never h wasted 4 years on this stupid game .

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Doesn’t Facebook recovery work? I thought the issue of needing one payment stems from the fact that some don’t want to link to Facebook.

Not always - I’ve had people where it’s linked to Facebook but changing from android to iPhone has had issues where the account needs to be manually moved by scopely. I thought the same thing but :woman_shrugging:t2:

I’ve probably spent a grand in the last year alone, so.

I also never spend a penny ever and still do well…

Sorry but you are very wrong

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101% false, and I’m a Dr as my title says

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Im half f2p since when I got worked in hte summer I just bought arena tickets.

When that article came out I dont spend one damn penny on this shit anymore.

My bank charges a 3 dollar fee anyway (Some bullshit ass withdrawal fee)
I buy a 0.99 cent offer. With the fee it’s 3.99 total. Shit adds up dog.

You misunderstand me. I said I HAVE spent.

Didn’t you have Pete day 1? :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:

I demand a review to determine the legitimacy of this f2p pass!

Yes, if we’re talking Day 1 of December lol