"No one can attack"

On zombie levels when all of the zombies are still shadowhidden, instead of saying “No one can attack!” and skipping my turn completely, let me choose to heal, if I have a healer’s AR charged.


Why would you take 5 healers against walkers? Build your team with no healers and it’ll be transparent to you. Not everyone is level 125 with a stacked roster.

Doesn’t swipe right to defend work?

(Effectively skipping your turn on attack and advancing walkers?)

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If all the zombies are shadowhidden, you can’t do any action, including swipe right to defend. I’d like to be able to heal.

My bad.

I totally see what you are saying now, it’s even worse when they get stuck for two rounds of “cannot attack” behind a pile of wood.

I agree, it would be better to allow us to do something than sit idle until the walkers start walking again

They could combine this change in the same update where you will be able to toggle AR for autoplay. That way, the update would benefit both end-game players (who will turn ARs off and autoplay) and newer players who may need the opportunity to heal when the walkers are hidden so they can hit with all 5 toons the next turn.

Forgive my stupid, but if you’ve pushed them completely out of range, why can’t you just heal on the next turn when they walk in? It seems like you’ve already got the situation under control, or am I missing something?

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If you let me heal when all the walkers are shadowed, then the next turn I can gain AR and that can make a difference in SR.

Ah I gotcha. I always just defend on the turn when there is one left and use that one for my AR building. Your concept makes sense, I just don’t know if it would be relevant for me or if it would slow down the already tedious farming.

you could also wait for it to come out, heal and skip a turn with all the other toons. It’s not that walkers are shadowed and the next turn are able to hit you. just saying it an issue you have a workaround for.

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The point is that I want to heal while the walkers are shadowed because I need all 5 hits the next round. Skipping 4 hits absolutely does not help me here.

I see no issue with this change. I have a roster that allows me to auto my way through A++ stages. So this change won’t affect me since I’m not paying attention anyway.

On stages where I need to pay attention and not use the auto attack I can hit all my characters quickly enough that it won’t even matter.

I think just about any change that makes this game more appealing to newer players should be considered if we as a community want it to last.

Don’t really see the need, all zombies stages are cake walk. Granted at lower level accounts maybe, but can also see it annoying people more by slowing down auto farming.

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This would be a very useful addition to survival road!

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