No offer from premium bags


Was hoping to get the attention of scopely. I still have not received the offers from purchasing the three premium bags. There is only 12 hours left on the 3rd year wheel. The offers contain 3 year tokens. I will not be able to get my pull they do not fix this soon. If this happens we are literally not getting what was advertised that we paid for, I believe that is against Google and Apple TOS for developers.





Apologies about the issue.

We are aware of some players not receiving the bonus offer after getting the initial 3 Premium Packs.

Our Support is aware of it, and will be able to credit it to your account upon reaching out to them.

Many thanks.


Hi @JB.Scopely, thanks for replying. Unfortunately I have been in contact with support for days and the issue is still unresolved. As I mentioned this is quickly approaching an unresolvable situation as the wheel is ending and the advertised value of the packs will be different. Will the wheel be extended? Will there be compensation for the fact that some had their guns for war and others didn’t? I don’t think the average player realizes there are actions we can take when you do not deliver on advertised purchases. This is clearly borderline to say the least and fastly approaching an outright falsehood if the tokens are not delivered before the wheel ends.


@JB.Scopely hello, I have spent a great deal of money on this game and would expect much better customer service. I have been messaging in game support for days who keeps telling me to check the forums and my inbox, nothing has happened. I have now made contact with you, you are aware of the problem and nothing is happening. I also followed the link you sent and made them aware as well, nothing is happening. So it seems you are aware of the problem but are unwilling to correct it. I have to go to work now, if I do not recieve the packs shortly I will be contacting Google along with the other people I know that are having this issue. I have videos and screenshots to document everything including my long conversations with support. Please see that this matter is taken care of soon.


Hi JB, 4 hour into midnight here and by the time I woke up next morning the wheel will expire. If I don’t get the offer pop up before I go to bed than my 85 tokens will be just wasted. It’s urgent, please do something.


Any word JB? Support is completely unhelpful and no one has answered the question about the wheel. This essentially becomes bait and switch if you send the tokens after the wheel because instead of pulls they are points for supply depot when coins for pulls were advertised.


Same for me contacted support countless times


No reward for me either


My question is why do these things happen every week. Why is Scopely incapable of doing these things without completely messing them up? Why is there a huge fuck up every week JB? This is stealing peoples money!


The new 15 dollar offfer for 15 tokens is a joke too. Compare it to the 30 dollar offer from Friday it’s insane. Price gauging at its best. Kick rocks.


Still waiting no offer


TBH I wouldn’t buy the tokens unless there is about 325 3yr tokens for 99 cents. but that is just me! Scopely has proven that an ascendable is approx worth 3 bucks. (if you are a new enough player)


Always the same answer from Scopely, they always keep moving the crap under the rug…when will these guys ever learn customer service!


Just a friendly reminder, please let Scopely know how you feel on their surveys… thanks!


I got the same
Answer I’m worried about the anniversary wheel disappearing and then the offer popping up or maybe that’s the plan ? @JB.Scopely


Starting to feel like that is the plan as there are no answers to these questions. They want us to buy the 15 packs instead of giving us the token packs we paid to have.


Not to mention that the 3 Premium Pack bonus offers has a better cost-ratio for 35 tokens plus additional content (even if its just 1% chance for the none-terrible weapons) - saw the screen cap somewhere, in contrast to this new 15 tokens offer, or so it seems.


Total BS, Limited Time Tokens = 3 year tokens… fake odds!


@JB.Scopely are you kidding me? We will not be receiving what we were advertised in the offer? This has to be a joke right?