No notice about power tokens ending?



There was multiple notices


good thing their offers pop in the middle of war for me. but this,not a single one


I really hope you managed to get Rick but I assume not. To be fair though, the event has been going alllll month and there have been multiple reminders and opportunities to pull. Sucks you missed out though.


I did get Rick. i wanted to put a video on yt,about the wheel. guess i wont be doing that now


Sucks… There was a timer on the wheel and the stash that counted down the entire event though. Honestly if you were going wheel you probably would have been dissapointed but still would have been better than depot points. Make sure to always watch those timers in the future and maybe set a alarm or reminder on your phone to use them before the timer runs out.


There was a giant event reminder screen when you log on.

I don’t think you have any ground to stand on here. As the timer was there the whole time event calendar said rtp ends, and there was a event reminder upon log in.


Meanwhile I was getting annoyed by the constant reminders. Lol. They reminded not just one time.


I got a huge pop up reminder multiple times for this. They’re not in the wrong this time.


On the bright side you can get one of those new 4*s in the supply depot with all those points. Lmao


The ending was well advertised. The tokens stopped well before the event ended. If someone didn’t claim this is on them, not scopley…this time.


Yeah, that sucks. I slept in today and forgot all about it so I lost out too. Totally my fault though, was thinking we had until the end of the day today for some reason.

I think next time I’ll pull as I go just to be safe lol


Sucks man they gave plenty of warning though and have historically ended stuff early so its always best to pull the night before just to be safe.


If it makes you feel any better you probably would’ve gotten 50 waist toolpacks and a handful of Bradys


I missed out too as I was away over the weekend. Already got rick but had 1.5k tokens to pull with. Urgh.


Sorry to see, if it helps to know - you probably just lost out on some brady packs, a lilith and some tripods.

But still tho, what are you doing?! There was a timer going on for a month, cant really get more advertised.
For ONCE, scopely are not to blame here, it didnt even end before the last batch of tokens were awarded!


Sucks you didn’t get to pull. They give multiple warning the event was ending tho, I was alittle annoyed at how often the reminder pop up. It was there everytime I log on


Well… there was an annoying full-screen notice every time you opened the game. Maybe they should try with neon and locking any action other than checking the wheel for the next event.

It’s your own fault that you missed it though. Keep surviving!


I saw this about 9 times. I thought Zeke’s face was hilarious. He looks like he’s just tickled to be climbing that pile of…whatever that is.


You gotta be kidding me. It was on the event calendar for pete sake. SMMFH.