No new premier toons --> Time to end Survivors Club

I am very sad that I have to end my membership soon. Since two weeks there is no free pull as advertised on the new premiere toons.

One of the most valuable aspects of the Club membership, you have chosen not to deliver.

Thank you.



They’ve further devalued the SC offerings
by moving to these walkerhead tokens. The Premiers they put up are months behind in performance. Leave it to them to always find a way to disrespect their customers.

16 comics then I’m done with it.


Just wait, they’ll drop a shiny new gen 2 toon soon to keep us all invested for another 3 months

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Would be dumb if they didn’t but gotta say not much interested in the wait time before using them. Especially since they are well behind the meta by time you get them to a usable state.


11 comics and out for me. Have only pulled Christmas Shiva from SC pulls and thats hardly worth mentioning.

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My problem with it taking 16 or so weeks to upgrade her. She is a mediocre shield at best right now. In 4 months she will be a bench warmer that i spent 100 dollars on. She will sit in my roster like barker waiting for a scv mission.

I made that comment in november 23 of 2018. Seems as though my original point is pretty true, now they made it to where you get old premiers for daily pulls.


15 comics and I’m done with it

Have I missed something on the daily pull has it changed

If they want people to stay in the ridiculously priced 24.99 a month “survivors club” they better put Alice in there or someone of her exact calibur.


Had a fac member get Wayland and Harper off the free trial, I have had it since day one, and have only gotten a Hunter, no real reason to keep it if im not gonna get a chance at new premiers.


No good pulls for me at all 4* all the way


I have a few regions set up and do my pulls there as well. There are hot regions and cold regions for sure. I have some regions that I have gotten 1-2 epics and a few where I have 3 legendaries and 3-5 epics. My main account tends to be fairly cold in general on singles from SC.

I won’t pull on my other accounts cuz through fear of getting a good pull on a useless account


I sorta feel the same, but if I get the right combo, I can start building one another region. Otherwise I am indifferent.

18 comics here. All 4*. And agreed. Them moving gen 22 premiers to a new currency and out of a chance for sc is a d*** move. I plan on canceling once i get my comics. 3 weeks at worst. 2 at best.

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You can’t pull from the walker wheel? That’s ridiculous. Slap in the face.

I share most of the part about this post, the comics are scarce and after completing Andrea there is no reason to renew the SC membership. The only two good pulls was a 6* blue negan and an ascendible blue barker.

IF there is no new premier toons and they launch a good event like the candles event or the pick your path is a very good signal . Or if they patch some of these bugs on territories would be awesome, I wouldn’t mind not getting a new premiere toon in exchange for more quiality on the game.

Tomorrow I will have enough comics to finish andrea & then I will cancel. They rather add more things to the game & dismiss stuff that was added in haste.

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