No new list for legacy 5 will be ascendable in new year

Donny red 5* and Eric blue 5* ascendable in vk site and no new list for legacy 5 ascendable

Of course not. The list is not Somethink that can be found in the Game. So even if it would be done already, you won’t find anythink on Vk

No matter when they relese list.Important is how fast they made them in to 6* form…I hope in 2-3 months not 1 fkn year like this time…

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the ascendable lists were both made by kalishane before she left us. We now have JB, who has never made a ascendable list before so its uncertain weather or not a new list is certain.

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id rather not have a list but get faster 6☆ legacy toons…


It was nice to have the list so I don’t use those toons as ascendance fodder.

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Donny serious? lolololol

2200 attack going to make Swiss cheese out of the current green toons.

they need to make some free good healers cause for now we only getting ranged healers and a lot of them

Good healer: Kenny
Ranged, but good.

like i said melee xD

I can understand that sentiment, but at the same time if you are needing to ascend faster than you are getting benedicts and dupes, I’m not sure I can sympathize with it. The thing about getting a list that I like is that I can usually guess what the legacy 6* will turn out like ahead of time and start building teams on paper to try and come up with something new

You didn’t use the word melee.

yup. sry my bad :wink:

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