No motivation to play this game hardly anymore

Anyone else feel this way? Im finishing up sc andrea then unsubscribing.


Yep and yet I still play can’t explain it outside of routine and boredom.

After a month of nothing byt 4-star pulls from the club (yeah I know 2%) and getting Andrea to a 6-star tier 2 I’m calling it quits as well because Alice just made shields pretty much worthless and this is just the start of gen2.

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Hmmmm I’m guessing amother toon follows after… But maybe it won’t.


Yea shields are so overrated. Always have been. She has more value on attack to keep the ap drains away than on defense tbh.

No motivation to play the game and that’s it , not even casual playing. I’m just collecting food and crafting stuff till I see next crw rewards , if they’re the same bs than last time probably I’ll nuke my damn account

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Meh…it passes the time when i get bored reading comic books.

They should, otherwise there is no point to the subscription

If it’s like any other feature they release they won’t make any further changes and allow it to go stagnant like SR and FA

You’d think bc most would drop it after they t4d her right?

I broke my 931 login streak yesterday so yea this game is really boring unless it’s CRW. If i’m not having fun then I’m not gonna play the game, everything that requires grinding is being ignored.

Honestly if you’re burned out take a break for a while, I took a four month break and came back re-ignited and I’m enjoying the game more than ever.

Im on auto pilot


I have spent more time in other games I have picked up, Dffoo and and the RE2 remake have occupied more of my time here lately when it comes to gaming.

How many times do you retire just to come back anyway months later when a new big giveaway happens.

I’ve “quit” 3 times lol


I have no longer warred since November, and generally don’t play much on Saturday and sundays. Spending more time with my wife. I still play the other functions(events). Guess I’m semi retired if you can call it that.

As every1 may have heard a dozen times from me. I can’t seem to get enough gear tp level up any1
So yup on the no motivation train playing much less

Seeing more friends quitting due to the game being very time demanding.

Nuke account is the only way at this point man

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