No motivation for War

With this new war stash rewards system there is no motivation left for lower faction f2p players . sadly


so what’s the problem? take the weekend off and go enjoy your life instead of slogging out for these insufferable rewards.

my faction’s taking it easy too.


I agree.

Although given the naff content in the stash and underwhelming characters I’m not sure there is any motivation for anyone beyond the possible Canteen/GPS rewards…


i go only for 10k milestone :slight_smile:


Adding salt in the wound, my fac is rank #50 and we keep matching with top 5s, getting absolutely belted.

Just no fun whatsoever. Whats happening to the matching algorithm?


F2P?! Slow down there cowboy… Try anyone without top6 in sights.

This is how you demotivate the masses
(The Hunt for T4 gear?)


So even 7th and below can’t get a pull in CRW wow that’s awful


I’m still wondering why top faction are still struggling and spending for the top 1. That’s sad.


We have only paired so far with factions in the top ten of the leaderboard. Can anyone explain if there is a way to help avoid matching with teams that are so much stronger than us?

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Sure, just be in the strongest faction and you will NEVER be matched with a stronger one

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It’s obvious. They just don’t care anymore. You could possibly be a top faction from one of the regions and still miss out on what most of the top factions would call a mediocre pull at best. Anyone that gave a shit would realize this

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War is the most boring event ever. Boring rewards. Super boring and luck based combat and everyone is runing Eric lead at this point. Not even fun at all


The rewards system just makes no sense at all. Top level factions who are the only ones that have a shot at getting enough tokens for a pull are rewarded with toons that won’t help them. The players that might actually be able to use the toons won’t get them. But they’ve already heard this at least 1000 times and yet, here we are again


The system is designed to make you spend. That’s why the top players win cause they spend it’s not about that f2p grind if you are rewarded with a beeping pile of hot garbage for your efforts.

Keep surviving


Not many will spend for these toons though. Rick maybe, probably not anyone else.

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Who is spending for these rewards lol top 24 is the top 3 from the 8 regions rewards past the top 10 are not worth the time grind or effort involved. As a result match making is slow war is boring after i got the 100k im taking it easy. The clone wars were all defensive teams are the same 5 toons fun fun funnnnnnnn.


You atleast tried. Me I’m sitting at 0 pts and can’t find the motivation to even play in one war.

Game sucks so bad right now. Wish they would make 7*’s so I can just watch the gap increase even more

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Crap rewards + Boring gameplay = What the hell happened to WAR?

War used to be fun. Now it’s just God awful and the 2019 basic reward structure across the board on every event is just abysmal.


I agree the war stash sucks but when did lower factions ever get a pull from war? I mean they used to get like 5 or 10 tokens on some wheel. It needs a change but it’s not like this just happened lol

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True, I overstated by saying lower factions. We’re going to place inside the top 20 which would be top 3 in AOW. I guess I meant lower by there crappy rewards scale. Some in our faction could use the Rick or maybe Kal. Doesn’t a top 3 in AOW get a pull if they reach milestones?