No morr infos about woc2?

So… if we move to Wave 1A region, we can’t go back to 1B~3B regions. Which means already ridiculous.

But there is no infos about woc2.
And we forced to move into wave 1A if we want to participate woc2.

It means we will be stuck in wave 1a even if rewards are worse( we all can guess rewards will be suck tho)

So… scopely.

Do u think u need to explain us a little about woc2 before we stuck in there?

I know it’s 2 months left but we still gonna stuck in wave1a region without any infos.

I think it’s really wrong.

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They never give full info, they tricked us for TOC, it’s about to happen again

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Fixed it for you :smirk:

Well…rewards were leaked, does that count as more info?

If not official from scopely it’s not info

Then, no. 4 posts from Scopely today, none about WoC.

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