No more tires from raids

Please add them back!! The event isn’t over and a lot of people rely on it to get the last bits!

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would be cool but highly unlikely i am 580 short for sandy/bruce and i guess they ll try to force us to buy tires.

This thread will get only hate with narc replies like “well i got mine so oh well” welcome to twd rts :hugs:


Psst, i know this might not be of interest to some but you can transfer regions and get the key and battries again from milestones allowing you to do a roadmap again, so if you are a few hundred short or something and have a key, id do it for sandy or bruce


This was actually how i got mine as i would had been about 500 short but was able to get a 2nd key and do the easier roadmap

This was some kind of expected.

@How2Zombies I’m not really sure the roadmaps reset. survival for sure, so if you’re short 500 and you’d need a red key to complete the easy roadmap, this could be a solution. Need to find a faction for CRW then

how about a narc reply that says “the tyres drops stopped at the exactly advertised time which was advised to all players two weeks ago”?


Just warning op how the community is here and that would just be a smart ass answer not a narc

Its not what some may have in mind and can really mess up crw for ya but i did it and it worked and id def spend 1000 coins on a transfer key than gambling those crappy shop crates

Can I see where that say that? I don’t remember seeing it. It’s really is disheartening that there is 24 hrs left to claim, and with the hopes that since roadmap would still be around, tires would be too :frowning:

In game message which is posted here:

The fact that the maps extend beyond the in game message time is probably a product of Scopely realising they f_cked up by not including any keys in offers over the weekend, and then selling more keys on Monday than you could actually use.

Edit: plus the drops/roadmaps etc usually always end 24 hours before the event to allow enough time for a turn in.



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Meaning with the rest of my sentence is that since there are 24 hrs left to claim, I had hope that tires would have dropped until the end, too…since there are still roadmaps going.


they at least gave one more day for the road map. usually cut off all items for both.

585 shorts ? Roadmap is still running, so you can definitely get more than enough for Bruce or Sandy

ftp here about 95 short muwhahaha ohwell idc much for Sandy.

No finished all the roadmaps, leaving two more of the cruising, in the end I’ll be 62 short

The Collection and maps still run for 22 hours… but there is no other way ( offers or raids ) to complete the collection. basicly if you are 1600+ tires off everything up now is useless… event milestones and roadmap completion.

Will there be more offers or ways to complete the collection if you are more then 1600+ tires off from completing? @JB.Scopely

Are Scopely missing a trick here not selling tyres in the shop anymore, ha ha there must be tons of people just short itching to spend a little cash to finish

The roadmaps still running were actually extra. Technically they should not be running either. BTW its a rare occasion scopley sends in game messages giving details on when events end. I screenshotted it because i knew id forget. In the future i recommend saving any messages with info. Dont expect anything extra even tho they do often extend these things.