No more Jiangshi?

Shouldn’t there be one more run of the typhoon bead map? TOMORROW is the 10th. Not today. I have bunch of beads still, and was under the impression we’d get one more go.

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The mission/event tab that gave you beacons of light was ending and thats what i went off. No point reading scopely posts since they’re often wrong.

You have to admit - scopes are possibly one of the most innovative companies out their - they keep finding new ways to suck. I’m on 9 beacons and I am under no illusion that the blue keys is doomed to failure for a lot of players in much the same way


Lol same here I had one more jianshi run and I’d get my 10th beacon… now no jianshi wtf but there is a beacon for 4000 coins lmao no thanks

Amen Bigfoot - scopes can poke that 4K offer into a crevice that the sun doesn’t reach


Money good sir.
They get you think your commitment means something and then they force you to spend.
Beacon of light was $20 for a 50/50 chance.

So they sucker so many people into forced spending so they don’t loose progress they made.
Quite scandalous.
Punishing the players should replace the “seize the play” for scopley.

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That’s how they get you into that next bucket class :joy:

Sorry to say bud, but thats how they roll man, you should have known it by now…

Time and time again their true colours are coming out of the open more and more each day…

Just wake up and smell it!

Was always planned this way. last maps on the 9th, extra few days to collect stash etc

Event timeline

  • Event Start:
    • Wed Sept 11th, 2019, 5:00 pm PDT
  • Event End:
    • Wed Oct 9, 2019, 5:00 pm PDT
  • Collections & Stash End:
    • Sat Oct 12th, 2019, 5:00 pm PDT
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Part of the problem is the in game messages which should take precedence over the forum suggest it’s the 10th

Typically half baked scopely tripe. I am surprised they manage to get up and get to work on a morning


I agree in some respect, but the time was always the same, just in differing time zones

I got a rosary with coins. Even though you can buy rosary, there is no road after that. Is this a scam?

Yes this whole game is a scam, you just paid for somethin you cant use

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I have 9/10 light beacons - another run of the Jiangshi map would have completed it. 1 light beacon is not worth 4000 coins.


Greedy useless company

Lots of people expected a last run and had beads saved shame on you Scopely

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lol vk has beads in milestone for level up and raid
copy and paste fail

Scopely are crooks

You misspelled “lie”


I have to agree. There have been far too many events in which it appeared that you’d have a chance to finish, only to have the rules change, the items suddenly dry up or the maps suddenly stop spawning. It really does amount to bait and switch.

Players won’t want to “lose all of that work”, so they’ll be tempted to purchase the items to finish the collections-something that they never would have done (and they never would have even spent the time to work on the collection in the first place) had they known how it would end.