No more green eggs?

With the new update the green eggs don’t drop anymore in raids, I don’t know if it is the same to non-beta players.

It’s stickied in this forum, message in-game, discussed in the forums.

Green eggs don’t drop today.


Non beta eggs i think eggs stopped to drop when sr finished. So about 3h earlier

Thanks for the info!

And of course they run the raid tourney while they are not dropping. Player first!

Oh Boo fucking Hoo

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Why don’t u try and be original and whine about the roadmap eggs not being farmable or something

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Lol the white knight appears

All I’m saying is So What if that’s the way it was designed or even if it was just part of a real life rng.

Is it really that big of a deal

Is because the bunny only drops eggs when he lands and takes off, and his jumps span an entire day.


Edit: his/her/its. I did not mean to imply that I know the gender of this being… if it’s a being


It’s not a big deal it’s just another example of Scopely doing something to maximize profits at the expense of their “player first” attitude. I don’t really care all that much I just made a observation that it is typical of Scopely.

How many pulls you expecting to get if you want to go for the 2 pieces of t4 gear?

Assuming we only get the pink eggs from roadmaps I would say 2. 7 maps per pull, 15 day event.