No more Friday starts for war?


Just wondering if this is going to be a normal occurrence? Noticed on the updated calendar that it is starting on a Saturday again? And it is also not CRW???


I promise to double, triple check. Might have something to do with the updates being so close together that we’re aiming for.


Also 2 weeks between wars, twice so far…

Bring back war on Fridays plz

If they do this, they should lower the milestones. That’s a lot fewer hours and I know it sucks for many other parts of Europe who have less war time.


That was also because of the update, so that’s my best guess so far before confirming again.


Kk. Hope to see some dope war rewards since were missing out on it though


Also sucks for North Americans who can’t play during daylight hours on Saturday… I usually put up 1/2 to 2/3 of my points on Friday afternoon and night.


@kalishane not trying to be difficult but it was also hard for many people because 8x8 meant less wars and longer wait times too. In this era of RTS, regions are dying so its almost a must to have 6x6.


Thank you for any, and all information you give us much appreciated!


Yes we do appreciate your increased activity on the forums @kalishane


Are we expecting to go back to Friday start times in the future? @kalishane


This all depends on your faction… I’m in a top 2 faction and 6x6 is a nightmare for us because not everyone can get on to play and we end up with some players struggling to hit 100K because there aren’t enough spots for us all.


I agree, I like 8v8 much better.


I hear you. I will make sure to bring that up!

We’re working on a way to improve the experience across the board.


Sorry didn’t see your first reply @kalishane lol my bad


At times we struggle with both, an option to choose 8vs8 or 6vs6 would be ideal


We had a similar problem. The ones who hit 100k store playing to allow everyone to get their points.


No worries at all Beast! :slight_smile:


We do that too but there are always players that doesn’t work out for because they couldn’t get on during their usual window of availability.


Region migration please! Wars so boring and crw is more frustrating than fun when your region is dead.