No More Double or Triple Jeopardy

I don’t like to assume that I am speaking for other people as we all have our own opinions. So strictly my opinion is that these events where we have to run the gauntlet of RNG two or three times over should be stopped.
If Scopely is listening then I would imagine that participation in events would increase if we didn’t have multiple chances of having our pants pulled down for items that we have worked for.
In plain English stop being so close to being downright crooks please.


Agreed, this horseshit of Win a CHANCE at a prize needs to fooking go, now!! So tired of the scummy RNG!

Bc even though I placed top 25 to top 10 in all solo and top 3 to top 4 in faction events I’m still won’t get a toon from the museum collection bc of the horseshit RNG. I’m still like 5k off of any toon and I’m not spending!

So sick of $¢∅₱€£¥’s crap! I’m trying to stay positive but it’s Hard when we get shite on time after time.

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But Scopely isn’t listening


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