No more coins for staying in your league?


So… what happened to coins for remaining in your league tier… now you only get coins for the upper half of the tier and if you promote?

That kinda takes out the incentive to participate in the mode… atleast for me.

The free coins for raiding was the only incentive I had to raid in general… I wonder if I’m the only one.


Not sure which tier you’re looking at. Coins are given regardless of position in mine.



7 chars




Unfortunately, that isn’t the case in mine.


Could just be a glitch


Dunno, some games have the same way of rewarding players. Scopely practically copy pasted this feature from other games after people keep bugging them(like most of their ideas).

Pretty sure it means that only those that have higher standing above gold 3 #40 will be able to get coins. If you fall below that then no coins for you. Haven’t seen a single person from bronce or silver league.

Why they do this and not just give 400 coins or less? Who knows.


One of my other regions… coins continue all the down to lowest rank


Don t see any issues here



I don’t think taking a screenshot of the top of the leaderboard is exactly proof, just saying. Looks more like you’re trying to show off honestly.


Platinum isn’t much of a “show off”. Either way, think he just wanted to show that he sees the coins. It seems bronce 2 get coins. Everyone. From highest to the lowest.

This could either be a bugg or just bad luck?. Have you tried leaving a ticked on the game?


People have weird ways of showing off I assure you. Not a big deal, but to actually get more “proof” he would have had to go all the way down and screenshot down there.


Everyone in that bronze 2 league has more trophies than the players in the other gold 3 league. Looks like it may depend not only on your league, but the amount of trophies.


Lol, I agree. I’m not diamond 5 or anything to write home about. I’m not even first. I was just saying in my league were all getting coins, I can ss the bottom if u wish.
As requested


Keep on surviving.


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