No more cakez?!


Sadly, I noticed there is no cake next to my name anymore :frowning:
Any idea when I can get it back?
Please answer to this high priority problem because of its importance @JB.Scopely
It’s even more urgent than the Onslaught and territory features.
Thank you, a cake fun
(I love cakes)


Really? I see the cake.





and this is why JB doesn’t check his mentions…


Wassup with these cakes ?
Are they gonna give you the oppprtunity to get an exciting new 6* in the museum along with 90k candles and 700k necklaces ???


The cake is a lie


I don’t see cake


Cake sees you !




Oh, cool, thanks :slight_smile:


No problem, I would hate for anyone to not have their cakez!


I guess celebration is over


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