No more 8v8 wars

Please no more 8v8 wars the que takes forever to fill. 6v6 is perfect


We stayed in 1b for 6v6 against other 1b regions. Solely for 6v6.

Somehow we are in an 8v8, matched up with 1a getting bonuses, while we don’t.

Go figure.


All non-1A regions will return to 6v6 after this war for the forseeable future

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Agreed also please fix matchmaking 9 out of 10 we get paired against too much strong teams. That means I get one victory battle in ten wars. Dude not cool.


I haven’t seen any evidence anyone is getting bonuses, yet.

Yeah but that wasn’t the original gameplan that they laid out, now we are all suffering for it.

Goddamn fuck ups.


Well yes…according to what scopely. Said. Kinda. Officially.
But…that changes.
A lot

What about the war win bonus…that war was interrupted for? Big picture thingy…wheres that?

Where is this said?
Because we were supposed to be 6v6 THIS war… so I’m doubting anything for any future wars.

Can’t stand 8v8 can only fill during day times… sometimes.


Well, thankfully, if thats the case. The fact that it’s even their intention has totally disheartened my faction.

On the schedule

That’s a relief, guess we are just screwed this weekend though to cater to the WOC event score tracking.



Why don’t you fill then instead of posting here?

I play on another device, warring right now.
Why you worried about when I war?

8v8 is fucken great… makes people play war probably and not have one dude blow most of his cans every war fight.


But hey, people with 0 pts like to complain about 8v8 on forums instead of queueing to war :man_shrugging:

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It takes 1 second to click to queue then half an hour to get 8. It takes 2 minutes to post on here. Its possible to do both very easily.


True, but if you have 0 after more than 12hrs, while posting many times here and complaining that it is hard to queue doesnt make much sense, right?

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They are feeding the whales and getting them pumped for WOC so they will spend extra hard, scopely wants lots of pancakes for xmas.


Ding ding ding, winner winner, pancake dinner


We are a moderately active faction (#4-5) yet 8v8 is really tough for us to fill. So are almost 90% of the factions in wave 2. Please bring back 6v6 with maybe an 8v8 option for the highly active ones.