No More 5*/6*Negan in Token Wheel?


So… they tried to pull a fast one (literally) and take Negan out of the token wheel.

Lemme get this strait…

First they pull Negan, Shiva, and Carl from the token wheel, Carl and Shiva being one of the most sought after characters. So they can sell them at high cost…

Then after huge backlash they put Carl and Shiva back in, and take Shiva Zeke out, which has little point seeing as you can’t take advantage of 2 Guadians on one team anyways (atleast we don’t have to worry about both someone’s defense and tower defense having him)

But they left out Negan???

All this after flooding the wheel with absolute crap… :upside_down_face:


They did leave out Negan, and Abe, but I’m going to play the devil’s advocate on this one. Negan has been in that wheel for a while, and is on the current event wheel (I’ve pulled one from each spot), so it’s not as if he’s been a rarity as of late. Also, seeing as the token wheel has been updated twice recently, I anticipate this being a regular thing, where the lineup is rotated.

This also leaves open the option to use Negan and Abe as rewards (as they did with Abe being a milestone reward recently).

I’m sure I’ll get disagreements on this, but that’s my take on it.


I’ve got both, so it doesn’t affect me a huge amount. But I doubt they’re going to be rotating the wheel seeing as they don’t have any kind of habit of doing that whatsoever in the 2+ years this games been around.

But also, by that logic, it wouldn’t have been a big deal if they took Shiva or Carl out of the wheel as they’ve been in it as long. The reason no one super cares is because Negan isn’t as sought after, and because people desperately need Carl for their melee teams as most everyone and their mother have speed racer Mirabelle (I pulled 3 from the last event)

As for Abe, not a huge deal as they did offer him as a reward in level up, which is where I got him from. But still if they had taken out all they wanted to, Zeke, Abe, Negan, Carl, and Shiva… that’s half the free to play 6*’s Gone. And you can bet they were going to take advantage of that seeing as in the panic of the potential loss of Carl from the wheel, they sold those “surprise boxes”


I like them changing up the toons from time to time personally. As long as they rotate in stuff that’s useable.

What I’m really hoping is that they have added in less desirable toons because they plan to give us more chances at them. I really need ascendance fodder, so I’m wishful thinking.

Still, it’s good when available toons change from time to time, because it helps teams evolve. There have been plenty of complaints about the same teams over and over, so hopefully this will help.

Let’s hope a few of the new toons on the wheel are on the ascendance list, so we get a new wave come through.


Also, Negan is on Lucile tokens wheel. Might be a bit like when everyone got Mirabelle on that other wheel.