No more 3 Day SR Tourneys Please

These things are already monotonous enough please don’t keep adding time to them.


I like it. Best way to earn free survivors and food :slight_smile:


Easy experience points as well


Agree with all 3 comments, hate Sr but it does have benefits :hugs:

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The exp is nice ill give you that but it doesn’t really give out that many survivorw unfortunately.

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I hate SR too and it’s not really challenging unless you count having to check to see if it’s a reflect stage before hitting auto a challenge. :wink:

It would however be made 100% better if we could just use preset squads instead of having to do the roster shuffle every stage. F’ing scipley! :angry:


Ikr so annoying :+1:

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If you don’t like it Just don’t play it .
You’re not forced to do so

I like it more this way
Actually it’s even better to farm XP


So you’re favorite part of the game is farming xp? So ideally for you a week or two week long never-ending sr tourney would be ideal? Or a daily one where you got 10 free stages a day?


SR is a good timepass and quick xp so…

If I hadn’t reached level 200, I would actually love it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What I would love is a feature that autofills my team and attacks the next stage automatically. Then I could just hit a button every 2 hours and get it over with.


My biggest issues with SR is the walkers habing human ability traits like stun and bleed and reflect dmg…etc… Other then that like mentioned above its great for survivore food and player xp. Outside of the walkers thing i love SR.

3 Day SR would be fine if it was 50-Stage Nightmare. Or 25 stage Nightmare maybe.


Hard pass on a super long survival road. As I get through the stages I basically live in fear of getting a green only map.

I’m stuck on the elite map as it is. I found a stage that is blue and green only that has like Pamela and alpha but they have like a double attack bonus.

Even stacked with mods that team blows me away in 3 turns.

Agreed, 3 days is way to long.
I can keep farming for XP, but i cant be arsed, only getting 1 point per replay so i’m not going to grind 200+ pts to get into top 50 either

IMO, 3 days during a week is good cause ppl work & have kids. Hard SR takes more time then easy or normal one. The game shouldn’t revolve around what spenders want every event. I just finished legendary about 5 hours ago & it was nice not to feel rushed & not to use cans.

**Another reason why creating new regions with higher competition & better rewards would be a good idea.


I loved it personally :man_shrugging: Was super easy to Finish using Only natural NRG. No need to waste money on refills, tons of resources and survivors plus easy XP.
How can you complain about that? Wish they were all like this.


Green only maps are usually more difficult because of the fact that Green healers are rare or awful at their job. Hershal and Gabe don’t heal anywhere near enough. If you have Green Aaron lying around, I suggest levelling him as he is a good healer and is also crit lead for Walker maps. Green only SR is so much easier with him around. Mike is also awesome on Walker maps.

This ‘hard’ SR is a pure money grab. No need for it to go for 3 days otherwise. Its only 20 stages per level so actually takes less time then normal or easy. People will finish it and then happily blow refills until the end. Well played Scopely. :moneybag: :yen: :+1: