No mods removal before blitz tomorrow

Can we have one? We suppose to have it 24 hrs before every war

Not true… it’s unlikely before Blitz considering it’s not on calendar. One can hope though.

It’s really needed though

Normally only get them before crw

Well let’s hope @GR.Scopely reply to this tomorrow when the office opens

we are getting one before this weekend’s CRW. We get them roughly every 2 weeks so I personally think that’s more than adequate.


Thanks for interested in this specific event. Sadly, there won’t be an mods removal before it. The calendar is pretty much up to date with the current event of the week so you will see that there’s a mods removal before this week end CRW.

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I see this issue come up a lot, but curious how often mods are changed on teams? I have a set for my attack team and for defense that stays all the time. If I get a better mod, I’ll swap it out regardless of free removal day or not. Wondering why there has to be a cost to removing them in the first place too that maybe @GR.Scopely can get answered.

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Yeah just a couple days of scraps should be more than enough. Dont need mod removal every day.


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If you could swap them out you only need 1 set… you know scopely isnt having that