No mod removal?

@JB.Scopely no free mod removal because CRW was pushed back? If it’s once per month, then give us one this month. So many have been waiting for that. If it’s a pattern as you said in Discord, then there are 3 days remaining in December for a mod removal event.


Pretty sure we had one this month early on

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We had two in November due to it having 5 weekends and how the wars fell. We will probably have one the first Friday in January. So basically a week. Relax


It was going about once every 4 weeks and landing before CRW. That would have put it for this week but since there is no CRW this week it wouldn’t make sense to have it now. If we don’t get it next week before war then I think it’s justified being upset about.

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Yes, that’s what I was trying to say lol thanks…explained it better than I did

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Better yet, make mods free to swap around all the time cause well obviously it can be done, stop monetizing wood ffs scooply


Nop, in the 28-30 of november, this month nothing

We need a free mod removal soon

It’s not happening

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