No mod removal this week?

Upon first glance at the calendar, I see there is no free mod removal this Thursday. I know there is no war, but it would still be nice to do some swapping. Could we maybe, hopefully get this added? I know you probably won’t since you don’t want anything to jeopardize the flawless execution of the new event… but us litte folk would sure appreciate it!

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It’s intentional since they just gave out a bunch of free mods good way to mess with people 1 of there Passions

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Or they could be just keeping the schedule of right before war which has seemed to be the best cadence. I rather have it then


Orrrrr they can just make it permanent :grin::grin::grin:


:point_up: This 100%. Should have never costed anything to move them around in the first place.


Lol I’d love permanent but ideally right before war seems best as that is when we are testing all the stuff we worked on. I do not think it’s unreasonable to have a weekly mod removal though.

You do?


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I think you meant “don’t” instead of “do”…


I actually agree. No weekly is a good setup. I have played a few other games where the “mod” aspect is in and they always cost to replace. They just gave 100x the amount of materials

A weekly mod removal would work actually, it would be by far better than what we have now, maybe we can meet in the middle with scopely and work on a dea… :rofl: ok ill stop joking now, they would never meet in the middle unless that meeting ended in us parting with some :moneybag:

Weekly is about due nowadays. Not much to do in the game outside the normal monotony except sometimes test random ideas, would make sense not to stifle players ability to do that. Plus the 24 hr window has its downfalls on a work week, usually only means you get a few hrs if that with people around to constantly change and test stuff.

Well back in my day we used to go days without any events, and have 3 day long level ups and raid tournaments. One solo one faction a week. And we like sit that way. Kids these days always needing something entertain them, all that AD whatcha macall it.

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I wouldnt mind going back to those days, take away mods, 6*, etc also since we are reminiscing about the past :rofl:

That was my day too lol, I mean things are improved. But i do love love leveling a bunch of stuff then not even being able to properly test it for weeks. ADHD

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Inserts “git. gud”

Inserts “money” I mean “scraps” :weary:

Lmao I did, seriously new phone stupid auto …smh

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