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Looking for a new region & faction to join for 4 maybe 5 level 125 players , always hits milestones , players are In the middle of F2P & P2W mostly Offers.


we have one in a korean region region but most of us speak english and spanish we are 8th as a faction but manage to get top 3 in all faction events the region is treultlen


Come to Brantley! We have the majority of a faction coming this week (20-25 players) who sound like similar players to yourselves. Maybe you could squeeze in with them. We have a Welcome Chat in Line if you’re interested.


Join my faction in Chattahoochee, I’m freeing up a few spots to get rid of dead weight, we normally finish top 3 for faction events.


we are looking for few US Time zone players.


We are all euro players here and there’s approx 25 of us we need some Americans to help our night shift.

We are in Henry a kick ass region


Try Autauga, good lads and activity there :wink:


Add me on line blackbearfool


What time zone are you guys?


Nice, Chattooga will be open for transfers this month! It’s a great region, consider it!


you could join us. you would get awesome top rewards!


US time players just ping me. few spot left in good f2p region line- witcher4





Is there any truth to this? When is chattooga gonna be open I’ve been waiting forever