No login rewards

Hey @JB.Scopely how come we have no log in event this month

Rather have a mod event

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Right ! So we have no mod event no login event 2 weekends no war and boosted 6 star stats for 2019 … epic start to the new year :joy::joy::joy:


Overused. Next.

No free stuff?!?? OUTRAGEOUS!!! I demand compensation. 20,000 sweaters should do the trick. :wink:


That’s my kind of compensation right there.

Well for the past what 6 months or longer we have had login rewards kinda weird when they just shut it of with no explanation

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Oh you didn’t get the memo? That’s Scopely’s new year’s resolution.

special weekly log in rewards for sc members

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And what if I was a Survivors Club free subscriber?

you would only get 1 of the weeks log in rewards

Trial subscribers got the short end of the stick as usual.

In game announcement under “New Event”

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If you have to pay for it then it’s not free & it’s not an event. OFFERS ARE NOT EVENTS FFS.
Amazing how stuff that should be available to all players ends up being only to those who pay.
They never did a roadmap for legendary gear. (no sells there)
I used the gold radio ONCE ( the same radio that took +2years to be useful just to be useless again).
The effin game has so many depots (and even league) that these things (bens, ulysses, lilites) should already be available with a grind. But they’re not, and they won’t be. You get the best case scenario which is ''RNG luck".
They starve you so you think their offers are ‘‘good’’ and ‘‘necessary’’ when it reality they’re just fishing for quick bucks and playing you for a sucker.


IF you PAY, you will get login rewards, keep surviving :wink:

@JB.Scopely anything to add to this?

Well said. One more nail in the coffin. If I had not been playing so long and got a few decent characters, along with a stock of various items, I would look at the state of the game, these days, and run for the hills. Even the most basic items are being pushed behind a pay wall.

How long until their is no one left but spenders? I wonder if the game can sustain itself with no ftp fodder for the whales to flex at.


Survivors club is the login reward :joy:

You will join SC. This is certain.

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I’m guessing login rewards are a thing of the past , survivor club gets the login rewards