No letters from Arena?

Is it just me or the letters for the bear hunt are no more in the Arena!!!

nope but we get elf hats, which can be converted into bear
which help.get pricecess

Yes this is a P2P event, you can only buy feathers apparently


X2 5 tickets and get nothing except for hats

From the event announcement:

Premium letters will drop in Premium Roadmaps, which require Silver Quills to open (via offers).

Silver Quills will be available via offers and Level Up Tournament rank rewards

We don’t know yet how the quills will be distributed across levelup rank rewards - it might be that only winner/runnerup get them, or everyone. Other than that, letters are purely P2P.

[ETA] The table also states “Premium Arrow Token Wheel” as the place to find letters (I keep forgetting about that wheel). So far, the tokens for that wheel are also strictly P2P.

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