No League Seeding


I am showing as No League in solo and faction. Seeding shows #-- Anyone know why?

Problem with leagues

Finally someone else with such problem.


The leagues have reset. They should be processing the rewards and it will start again


its not over for another day…


App crashes every time I do a tt battle. Seems like it can’t handle players earning trophies when there’s no league?


I had a 50min countdown about 1hour n 45mins ago. It finished at 9am my time (uk)


Glad I am not the only one having this issue


Me too ! Please fix this scopely !!! I need those rewards :cry:


The game is broken


Also having same issue.
It says stretch 2 has started but not registering any trophies !


Lets link these two topics together


I think everyone is the sames


It’s already over 2 hrs back… the next phase has begun an hour back


Last week there was a one hour gap between the stretch ending and the new one beginning, and in that hour the rewards were processed and given out, and if you raided in that time you got no trophies.
Here it says the current stretch is ongoing, raids/territories are still dropping trophies but I’m not sure if they’re going to be counted or not.


This is so annoying sometimes.



I was on the 34th Platinum or so place. My faction was on the 28th Diamond (or Brilliant) place.
Now we can see no leagues or even rewards. This happened in 12 o’clock. Somehow we lost our leagues.
What is this?


I guess it will take few hours before they give the rewards + restart league


errors, glitches, mistakes, bugs, everything comibined lol its not working for any one atm


@JB.Scopely Do you know anything about the reset when will we be placed again please?


He just replied in another thread it can take at least 24 hours to respond to a issue if they even feel like it game is broken.