No League (15effinchars)

The new season started, stretch I is on the way and supposedly I’m in ‘no league’. I can get trophies but that changes nothing.

Is this another bug or is this working as intented? I need to acces the shop.


I just logged in to find the same thing, my faction league is fine but I don’t have a solo league.

And we were supposed to keep our solo league so what’s up

It’s a cool down period for a week while people can spend there league points . Kinda upsetting that we can buy any league store items only characters what if we wanted buy gear or mods or weapon items tapes spraycans ect ect

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I got no idea what’s going on at this point,waiting for an official statement

So now even the gear from the store is gone? What the hell, how are we supposed to compete in level ups? @JB.Scopely what is this nonsense?


Cough cough store has legendary fast gear right now for 28£

Keep on surviving :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::+1:t2::joy:

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You are very much wrong. There is no cool off period dummy! This has been said at least a hundred times!

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Same here, some of my faction mates made their 6 energy assaults and are already in a league, i just made my assaults to see if thats the problem and not, i’m not in a league

Yup i got no ranking for my points this morning.

All gear is locked up for what another week? Maybe forever? The way these people dont give a fuck about us they will prob just be like yea its your devices fault so you hundreds or thousands of players can go to hell.

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Solo leagues, not fac leagues… some of my factionmates have a league but me and others dont… store is locked as long as youre not in a league. (I can access the shit toons n weapons i dont want,but not the gear store)

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same.i am raiding and getting league trophies where they are going? are they going to add in my league points or it’s going in gutter?

I’ve been raiding and using cans but to no avail. I need the gear out of the store but can’t access it even though I was plat 2 in the first season

This is a bug. Reported and being looked into.


currently not in a league, was in platinum 5 at end of season 1, so my understanding is some people have it working as intended and are getting a big head start over those who are currently locked out? if so this is a pretty big bug that puts alot of players at a disadvantage

It actually looks like your league points are still counting as you’ll hit the milestones so it shouldn’t put you at a disadvantage in terms of leagues progress.
I wish I’d known this earlier and I wouldn’t have wasted my energy letting it sit there.

shouldn’t is right, but we have no guarantee… with scopely is like kevin garnett said… anything is possible


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