No leader skill/weapon bonuses bug fix in Faction Assault in 9.1?


Wasn’t IUGO saying this was fixed already?


@CombatMan please chime in


Ya, that’s my bad. Should have been in the patch notes (I had compiled the combat fixes for the patch notes)


Thanks for the swift reply! So it was fixed?



Yes, that issue was fixed in 9.1


Getting ready to retire from FA after 2 Tier 5 wins

Doing 4K damage on a cheese Tara stage while others do 1 million damage just isn’t any fun, nor is it rewarding.

I had a sweet team going against Negan tank that was living through the damage, then timer ran out…

Was really looking forward to some PVE type end game but this one is just frustrating.

Also pulled 4* character tokens again, from a Tier 5 Negan bag… not worth it


After all the feedback from the FA thread, any chance on changing the structure? Still a large discrepancy in points if you hit the “easier” stages first etc. We don’t want to battle our faction mates, would like a even and balanced pay out.

Also the rewards should be better, get rid of the bottom tier stuff. All that work trying to beat a FA Stage and you get stuck with random chances of getting elite tokens and camp stoves, slap in the face.


Lori 5* wouldn’t neutralize the chick on the bike and she wasn’t immune I checked and she killed all of my guys and ended up getting 2k in points because of this and lost some of my better toons on this round which screwed me in the points standings