No Imagination (5* Wheel Update)

I just compared the new wheel with the old wheel.

They removed all previous ascendable 5* with the exception of Shiva. For some reason she stayed.

They replaced last wheel ascendables with the following:
Green Abraham
Red Donnie
Yellow Duane
Blue Dwight
Red Lori
Red Madison
Yellow Michonne
Yellow Romanov
Blue Tyreese
Green Viktor
Blue Ezekiel
edit: 11 total new

Every other single non-ascendable 5* stayed exactly the same, from at least 2 wheels back… All 82 of them.

No imagination at all… Just copy/paste/have a nice day.

Do with that info what you will.



Did you happen to notice if any of these are in there?


Nope, not on the list. Sorry

Ok thanks. Theyre toons I need for museum collections. I never see them so I was starting to doubt they were in there. But I’ve never sat through the whole wheel.

You can get Marcus from ascendance

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I just compared my inventory to the wheel.
I’m only missing 13 of the 82 non-ascendables and Shiva. I’ve always missed Shiva.

In scopleys defense people keep asking an rushing them so they just threw yall fukn scraps. Why would they have put better toons in there and some people had 500k upwards toks saved up. The toons are meh i would like romo and thts abt it tho

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Douglas is still in there, he just isn’t next to the ascendables for some reason

There is no defense for a company being flat out unimaginative and lazy, completely disconnected from their own app.


Just want these two. Please and thanks.

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Know my luck I’d probably pull a 4th decap Tyreese.

I’ll trade you for Alice & Diego

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Add blue Erick, please XD

Eric can be acquired thru ascendance and from supply depot

Throw in 100 war cans and sold!

I have gotten Marcus from ascending 4* greens.

If didn’t know this already

I’d love that though zeek. Never got kal he is the only one I wanted from previous wheel just for collections sake.

Rushing them @Apex98?
They have known for 6 months.

We should not be starved for wheel updates for half a year then fed this nonsense when it’s finally updated.

They should have ADDED to the current ascendables and removed irrelevant 5* making odds better to pull something barely usable.

As it is, they went from 88 to 93 toons in the wheel, further diluting the odds.

Fun stuff $kipely… Gotta love your apathy.

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