No hordes, No time

During the Pathways Misson Event you have objectives for Hordes yet during the 30+ days which the Pathway Event has been running… scopely only managed to put ONE Hordes event lasting 1 day… How were they expecting people to get 132 walker Hordes in that time to complete the task?

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They were expecting people to buy cans. Now that most are short on Lucilles, they are expecting people to buy those.


Or buy the cans once a week from league store, hordes is pretty rare you have quite a few by the time one pops up

I bought them from the league store and had more than enough to finish the 132


Btw i got the 132, doesnt change the fact that this was done to try to make that :moneybag:


I managed to finish the 132 as well with cans

You guys assume no one used cans in previous events with hoarde stashes. In diamond, 1-3rd burned like 30 cans. So if you wanted to compete, you wouldn’t have many cans left over.

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I am in Diamond 2 and 3 since they stopped to reward coins, bought cans every week and managed to grab Joshua from stash in the past. Still I could manage to finish the 132 battles. It was possible, though not for those who didn’t invest some time that’s fo shizzle.

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Basically if you had any RL event during that 24 hours, the month long event was a waste of time for you. Unless you just had to waste most of the cans on fleeing, which I did.
For future advice if something like this happens again, they were selling 5 hordes cans for just under 7 quid but 750 coins will bag you 12 from refreshes.

Completed 132 walker hordes in 8hour.

Im in diamond 2. It was easy without spending coins

I would’ve finished 132 if my hordes didn’t glitch every other matchup. Ended up only able to complete 79 battles and my last opponent kept glitching every time I tried attacking. Just getting the Lucilles from the 80 battle objective would’ve let me claim Piper.

I was working so I lost a lot of the event time due to sleep and work. Ended up being short which was frustrating.

But yeah probably was master plan to get people to buy or use coins to keep refreshing the store to ascertain enough cans :confused:

The last horde event was at least two months ago. In that time frame, you could have gotten 16 cans (2 a week) and they gave everyone 3. I don’t think the can argument is an argument worth having.

The time one is for sure an argument. I did it without fleeing and it’s very time consuming. They need a skip button.

There was a hordes 5 weeks before this one

I’m diamond 4 and in previous hoarde events I had to burn 10-20 cans per event to place high up.

I finished it with fleeing. Not sure how toy can’t understand how someone might not have all threw cans. No one expects that you need that many prior. People spend them per event.

Then guess what you have to pay. If you want to compete in every hordes what did you expect?

I’m giving a reason why people might have been short. Everyone is stating that they should have had the cans.

Tbh they should of had the cans lol hordes is so far and few inbetween and then the extra 3 they gifted no reason anyone shouldnt of had enough cans to do the 132