No hope playing as a free to play player

Playing the game since the beginning. I was spending 15-25 euro per month ( 30day pass plus extra) . Now I stopped spending at all… There is no hope. The gap between ftp and ptp is becoming huge and there is no point to spend on this game. Never getting anything useful from random pools and free toon offers from events are pathetic. So if anyone from scopely reads should take into account that probably the average ftp spenders like myself (25 euro per month) will be so discourage that they will terminate even the 30 day gold pass.
There is no really point to make the extra effort since you ve got nothing to lvl up, nothing to ascend, nothing to hope for.


You can’t be a F2P and spend. Get outta ma club


Free to play spenders tho


I believe the proper term for the OP would be “casual spender”, not free 2 play.


there are very many free players that are competing at a high level of play


Imagine new players coming in. Must be horrible.


if they are in a new region then it is just probably the same as some are paying and some are not and many free players will have success with doing the grind

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They won’t have many good options to grind for. They get a few ascendables, cool, but it really wouldn’t help them much at that point in competing in other events like this pathways one.

not every player should be able to complete every event

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Stop whining and ■■■■■■■ the game is far easier now than ever before

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I’m a Google rewards spender
only spend those hard earn cash from surveys

I paid credit card for this visit!

Never said they should. But this would help new players a lot in grinding for characters that aren’t completely outdated yet. Currently there is almost no way for no players to grind to get new characters (except for the new missions for them to get a few decent characters and the tournaments that most probably wouldn’t get even 1/10 of a pull on the 5 star wheel).

Idk about that one.

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Watch videos every day do atleast 1 10 pull a month with league coins u can do 2 easy making f2p able to get premiere toons

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I have been doing exactly this since leagues started with no success aside of a few 5* toons which will never be 6* and countless 4* toons. Not one promo since Connie was released. No helpful rewards in the past events or the last +5 months, not even Skull tokens surprised with a big coin pull. To me hard grinding and effort is a waste of time, and still I do grind since my faction is competive. That there are many who got lucky without doing much lately is totally alright though you always wonder why it never happens to you.


Ha ha I wish 500 pull fail here☹️

Nah, even regular spenders (dolphins?) are going to get crushed by true whales most of the time. That’s the game. But to say there’s no hope for FTP players is just untrue. Half of my faction are true FTP guys and still do well in all the events, including war. You just have to be creative with your teams. Nothing pisses a whale off more than when an FTP beats their $2000 defense. It happens, I’ve seen it. And you can do it too.


the struggle is real these days for F2P and light spenders in fact. Very few legacy ascendables and limited grindable toons or useful ones from league store. Such a shame since every week there is a new premier and now the intro of the S class (7 stars).


I understand what OP is saying. Casual spending isn’t really worth it since the odds are pretty bad for pulling much more than a thread or two of hair out of your head in the shame of having spent. I’m a former whale, been clean for 90 days [APPLAUSE], thank you thank you. That said, it’s getting tougher and tougher by the day to hit some of the newer teams, and monumentally tougher for fellow F2P faction mates. I’m a hypocrite though, I said I was going to quit months ago and keep playing. The majority of it is because the good friends made over the last 3 years. While Scopes screws the proverbial pooch on many things, I’ll hand it to them on one thing (which was probably done on accident), the community built around playing this game has been pretty remarkable. That said, it was nice foregoing the spending on an S-Class toon and participating in Prime Day instead :):rofl:

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I think the only way to combat this and keep new players and ftp is to set specific target regions, hold better incentive events and rewards to bring them up to speed

if they spend then they are allocated a certain amount before moving up to casual spenders club region and so on.

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