No help for loyal players

When was the new policy put in place that scopley won’t help you retrieve an account unless you spent a certain amount on it?

At least a year now, I remember seeing it posted a long time ago

Use the search in the forums feature, I’m sure you’ll find the thread

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I had a support thread with 29 emails back and forth over the course of a month. I have my account logins but it’s glitched and after I link it the game constantly crashes. Support gives no f’s.

I recommend the new Mario Kart mobile that just came out. Been playing it the past few days. And Nintendo is an actual company, not one support guy copying and pasting replies about “no timeline for a fix” and “taking it to the team”

I have mine as well but they simply restate the same thing in every response I’ve tried to get in contact with a manager but they will not do that either.

Ohhh i was waiting for that game and for Dr. Mario! I also want a switch so bad lol waiting for the pro version and then goodbye mobile gambling apps passed off as “video games”

You have to have a reciept, did you do the free SC trial? Could maybe try that but they will not help without a reciept and yes, this company doesnt give a shit about its players. If you can get on your old device or something like that, get into your account and link it to a facebook then you can do that, screenshots of your account code, faction, etc. All that info is useless, they wanna know if you have spent money cause if not you are nothing to them. Wish you luck but tbh it might be a blessing in disguise and your ticket away from this “game”


Don’t bother with Dr. Mario. It’s like Dr. Mario mixed with Candy Crush. It’s an insult to the original.

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Thank you for warning me haha

Use facebook

I tried that but the tab to link it doesn’t work Scopley won’t fix that either.

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